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Threading Services

Threading Services
The Art of Threading is a natural, ancient method of hair removal using thin twisted cotton threads rolled over untidy/unwanted thin and short facial hairs. It is a very gentle and painless process to remove facial hair and to give the eyebrows the desired shape and arch. Its history is dated back to ancient India and Middle East and has been trusted for centuries. In the recent times, due to its ease and advantages over other methods of hair removal, eyebrow threading has gained immense popularity in North America and other western countries.

Super Brows specialize in the art of Threading. We offer our clients the specialized service of Eyebrows Shaping, Arching and Touch-Up with Threading and as well as a whole range of other Facial Threading services such as Upper Lip, Forehead, and Side Chin Threading along with Neck and Full Face Threading as well.

Threading has become a natural and the best alternative to waxing and plucking to get rid of facial hairs As opposed to waxing and other methods, threading has distinctive advantages as follows:

1. Relatively inexpensive and painless (doesn’t irritate the skin as in waxing)
2. The effects last longer (removes hair from the follicle)
3. No adverse side effects as no chemicals are used
4. Takes less time to complete the job
5. More precise in giving desired shape and arch to eyebrows
6. Skin looks soft, clean and bright after work (no rough patches or scratches)
7. Less Redness and Irritation
8. Does not produce ingrown hairs
9. Can able to pull out specific tiny individual hair
10. Best for People with very sensitive skin
11. Best for who using Chemical Peels
12. Very best for anyone who have had any type of Facial Surgery
13. Ideal for who use any type of Topical prescribe Medication

For more information on Threading please follow the “FAQ” link above.

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